July 4, 2013: Completed new recording of the song entitled Amplify What Is Real with a very special vocal guest!!!

June 24, 2013: E received her first request to write a song for a memorial service (an incredibly humbling honor).

June 2, 2013: Experimented with the electric guitar on the song Crying Game...definitely a different song!

June 1, 2013: Began writing a new song about wisdom.

April 13, 2013: New song entitled Eager Answers recorded.

January 30, 2013: The live! online radio interview, The Art of Songwriting, went very well. Great dialogue, interesting insights, behind the scenes details about how some of E's songs were written.

January 28, 2013: 49 West Coffee House, The 9 Songwriter Series...excellent turn-out in this cozy, intimate venue as E played with eight other talented singer-songwriters. Awesome night.

December 10, 2012: Open mic performance at Teavolve, Baltimore. If you ever get a chance to check this out, I highly recommend it. Amazing assortment of crazy talented singer-songwriters.

December 6: Open mic performance at The Music Cafe in Damascus...terrific venue (and a great idea to have a cafe/coffee house that centers on music!).

December 3: Open mic performance at The Still, Timonium...many talented musicians showed for this venue!

November 18: E and Ron @Zu.

November 7/14: Open mic performance at Second Chance Saloon (courtesy Howard County Live).

October 21: E and Ron @Zu. Completed version of newest song, Amplify What Is Real, debuted. Rick on lead guitar for a few...good time!

October 16: Second round of demo samples posted online. Songs: Always, Crying Game.

October 10: First round of demo samples posted online. Songs: He Said She Said, Promise.

September 23: Ron returns from running around the globe to join E @Zu. Newest song entitled Amplify What Is Real was debuted.

August 19: Solo performance at Zu...nice!

July 15: 4 p.m. show @Zu cancelled at last minute due to personal priorities.

July 11: Back in studio recording new demos at NP Productions (yay!).

June 24: @ Zu

May 31: First review (kind of) by Coffee Rock Live!!!

May 20: Unplugged at Zu Coffee.

April 22: Newest song, Backyard Sale, debuted @ Zu.

April 14: Storyboard for video of the song "Promise" completed. Production plans commence.

March 18: Great turn-out for two-hour performance @ Zu. Rick, Gabe, and Ron joined E for a two-hour set with friends, guests, coffee, and dogs!

February 27: @ Stan&Joe's Open Mic. Rick joined E to play Crying Game, Back To You, and...well, can't remember the third one.

February 9: @Rams Head Tavern. Rick, Gabe, and Ron joined E for a 3-hour set or original music with a terrific turn-out.
2012 Headlines
November 12, 2012: Open Mic Discoveries
"...It seems to me that E is serious about her art and sees music as a meaningful extension...[read more]
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May 31, 2012: Anatomy of a Coffee House by Coffee Rock Live
"...lyrics are quite poetic and easy to relate to with a soulful sound 
that is strengthened..." [read more]
January 30, 2013: The Art of Songwriting With E Harwood (online radio interview)
"...go about writing "that" song? How does a songwriter actually write a song? 
Singer-songwriter, E Harwood, joins us today to...[listen]

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