Backing E up in the studio and on stage are talented musicians who help to enrich her sound. Her first album, Dare, is currently being produced (no, is!). 
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Kevin Kobylski (acous/elec guitar)
From Motown to Led Zeppelin, Kevin has always been a huge fan of listening to and playing music. He has played acoustic and electric guitar for more than 10 years with variety—blue grass, blues, rock, old-time country; in bands, trios, and duets; rhythm and leads. In short, Kevin pretty much plays anything, anywhere, anytime.

What motivated E to invite Kevin into her musical journey was her respect for him. Committed to personal growth by expanding from within, Kevin has accomplished a blended balance, perhaps spirituality, of intellect and intuition. People are drawn to his capacity to listen, his keen sense of awareness, and his modus operandi to simply be. He is able to quickly see through smokescreens and value the potential of others, and he thrives in supporting what those around him really want in life. Among the many things Kevin has taught E—stock car racing, corndogs, how to handle a storage unit drama—the most significant lesson has been permission for her to believe in herself. 

In addition to playing the guitar oh so smoothly, Kevin is an independent business transformation consultant, a life coach, and a bohemian. He currently lives in the Baltimore area. 

KEVIN IS A MUSIC HUGGER BECAUSE HE SAID: “Listening to music affects my state of being. I don’t listen too much to the words. It’s the vibration of music I respond to. Playing it with others is entirely different. It isn’t so much about the music, which is the outward activity. The real deal for me is connecting with other musicians, using music as the language.?

KEVIN WANTS TO KNOW: “Why do I so hate people who judge others?? 
Shawn Slater (drums)
While it might be a little bit of a surprise to learn the late 80s tune Funky Cold Medina was the first song Shawn learned to play on a drum kit, it’s not surprising to learn he taught himself how to play it. In fact, it only affirms the remarkable creativity he has in many areas of his life, including drumming.

With identifiable influences such as rock, jazz, funk, reggae, grunge, R&B, blues, Shawn’s style is diverse, his skill is crisp, and his talent is organic. He has an instinctive ability to innately choose just the right trick out of his bag to support the musical integrity of a song that somehow also protects the honesty of the lyrics. Still, the most appreciated contribution of his creative process is his willingness to consider the voice of a songwriter as important and his commitment to help communicate it congruently.

Shawn is currently the percussionist and lead singer of Soul Stitch. He has played in previous bands at Lucky’s Tavern, The 8x10, Red House Tavern, and Club 66 to name a few. He is also the owner of the graphic design company, Slater Design and Consulting. He and his wife, Kim, live in the Baltimore area.

SHAWN IS A MUSIC HUGGER BECAUSE HE SAID: “Music puts a soundtrack to things I’ve gone through. It clarifies applications in my life for the good and it sometimes helps me understand the bad.?

SHAWN WANTS TO KNOW: “Just what is the hokey pokey really all about??
Ron Somers (hand percussion)
It’s difficult to argue how adding some good old-fashioned hand percussion brightens any song. Ron definitely asserts himself in this role. He not only seasons each song with a spectrum of sounds (and volumes), his sense of humor, flexibility, unpretentious nature and attitude about life unknowingly helps to ground others. The quality often admired by his bandmates, however, is his amazing ability to energize the group with his musical and kindred support. Ron is an encourager.

Ron’s fascination with music began when he first heard the sounds of Les Paul and Mary Ford. While music baffled his intellect, it magically moved his spirit. The thought of playing an instrument remained intimidating until he succumbed to the powerful lure of a solid beat. After teaching himself to play a full drum set, he was in a few bands for a number of years before taking, well, let’s just say, a very long break. In 2003, a djembe quite literally fell into his lap reminding him of his love for playing. His hand percussion journey has been unfolding ever since and includes a nice collection of irregular instruments (drums from Nicaragua, Guatemala, and an Irish bodhran).

Ron has a successful career in journalism, is an experienced traveler (with plans), and loves junk food. Other musical contributions include playing for his local church, as well as spontaneous cover tunes during rehearsals and various open mics (which annoys the heck out of E). Ron and his wife, Donna, live in the Baltimore area.

RON IS A MUSIC HUGGER BECAUSE HE SAID: RON IS A MUSIC HUGGER BECAUSE HE SAID: “Music transcends language, cultural differences, intellect, and is endlessly unifying, or as unifying as we let it. Plus, is there anything more joyful??

RON WANTS TO KNOW: “Why does time go faster the older we get??
(ummm, so Britney...still working on that bio!) Britney plays bass guitar on the studio recording of the songs Pieces Of Me, Break This Grip, and Daring To Forgive for the album, Dare (no, really...there's an album being made!).
Britney Bredehoft (bass guitar)
(Yeah, so Mary Ellen...still gotta interview you.) Mary Ellen plays acoustic guitar on the studio recording of Break This Grip for the album, Dare (no, really...there's an album being made!). She's also been a huge inspiration in E's journey. In fact, it's not clear if E would have every started playing if it weren't for Mary Ellen.
Mary Ellen Conley (acoustic guitar)
(yep, another bio in progress.) Jake plays a mean drum solo that was reserved specifically for him in mind in the studio recording of the song, Break This Grip for the album, Dare (seriously...the album is in the works!).
Jake Knapp (drums)
(wow...we're really behind on these bios!) Regina plays a spot-on violin to support the important mood in the studio recording of the song Daring To Forgive for the album, Dare (yes, the album taking forever to complete). She doesn't know it yet, but E has her in mind, too, for the song Amplify What Is Real...demo sample coming for website. Oh, and there is good reason for giraffe.
Regina Leake (violin)
(well, at least this is the last of the outstanding bios.) Matt plays violin and adds his very skillful touch to the studio recording of the song Pieces Of Me for the album, Dare (yes, the one currently being produced).
Matt Schnell (violin)
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